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Why Jazz Camp?

“I don’t play jazz. What could I possibly get out of this camp?”

That is a great question, and one we received recently. If you are a good musician and you want to get better, you want to make sure you surround yourself with things that will do just that – provide you with the tools you need to become a better musician!

Why is a week of jazz camp on that list? One of our faculty members put it best:

Stretching out your musical vocabulary makes you a better all-around musician. Even if someone with no jazz experience gains familiarity but never delves full time or continues in the genre it will enhance their performance on other types of music.

Here are a few other responses we received from our faculty:

  • Listening to and emulating great jazz musicians gives students the opportunity to hear and absorb what the possibilities of their instruments are.
  • The fundamentals of jazz inform all musical styles.
  • Because jazz is a uniquely American art form – the only truly American art form.
  • Because so much of jazz and improvisation is about listening, students develop better ears and can better understand what is happening in any given musical situation regardless of what is written on the page.

Still not convinced? Take a few minutes to read through the bios of our faculty. You will find that they are not just outstanding jazz musicians, they are world-class composers, performers and educators in a variety of musical genres!

There is much you can learn from them, whether you are an experienced jazz player or someone who has never improvised a note!

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