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Tom Wilson


Tom Alvie Wilson is a multi-instrumental improvisor from Madera, CA. He attended Berklee College of Music where he obtained his Bachelors Degree in Professional Music. During this time, Tom studied with such artists as Joe Lovano, Wayne Shorter, and Danilo Perez and performed with Danilo at the Panama Jazz festival for two consecutive years. At that time Tom began mentoring underprivileged youth at the Danilo Perez Foundation, and traveled back and forth to do classes and festivals.

In 2015, Tom was awarded a scholarship to attend California Institute of the Arts where he earned a Masters in Jazz Saxophone Performance. Through the guidance of Dr. Stephen Lehman, Tom was propelled into a musical world far deeper than had been previously thought possible. He continues his research and practice of micro tonal and micro rhythmic music in Pasadena, CA.

Tom currently teaches with a non profit organization for Montebello School District developing two small improvising ensembles. He plays with trumpeter and originator of Orenda Records, Dan Rosenboom and Dean Mucetti’s Rhythm Real project. Tom’s personal ambitions have led him to explore genres outside of convention and he hopes to find new and interesting ways to incorporate elements of the obscure into modern improvising music.