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What to Bring

DeRodAll Musicians
All musicians need to bring their instruments. And no musician should ever be without a pencil, so bring that, too. You may wish to bring a small notebook to jot down the many pearls of wisdom that you are sure to receive! Bring a portable music stand as well, and be sure to label it with your name! If you play the guitar, bass, drums or piano, keep reading.

Guitarists and Bassists
In addition to your instrument, bring your patch cords, an extension cord and an amp. The amp can be small – appropriate for use with a small ensemble in a classroom. The amps will be locked in the rooms each night, but you should plan on taking your instrument home. Everything will go home with you on Friday.

Bring your drum kit, cymbals, throne, sticks – everything you need to make beautiful music. This is jazz, though, so if you have a Neal-Peart-type kit, pare it down to the essentials. Also, YOU MUST BRING A DRUM RUG! We do not want to damage the floors of the classrooms. The rooms will be locked each night. Friday after the performance you will need to take your kit home.

Bring your keyboard, amp and cords. If you prefer to sit on something other than a normal classroom chair, please bring that as well. If you do not have a keyboard or amp, please contact us. We have a limited number available but we need to know what you need by June 1. Whatever you bring will need to go home with you on Friday night.