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Milestones Program Expectations

Before registering for the program, it is important that every student, in addition to parents and guardians, review this page and agree to abide by the expectations set forth by the program and its directors.

Please CAREFULLY CONSIDER your schedule before registering. If you have school or other activities that will impact your regular participation at rehearsals, you will most likely not be able to fully commit to what is expected of you.

Because the ensembles are relatively small, when someone is missing it is noticeable and affects EVERYONE in the group.


  • On-time attendance at rehearsals is paramount. If rehearsal begins at 6:30, for example, you should arrive no later than 6:20.
  • An unexcused absence is when you do not notify your director that you will be absent. We do not allow unexcused absences.
  • One excused absences is allowed in the Fall semester and two in the spring. The primary reason for an excused absence would be your involvement in a school performance. We expect you to budget your time wisely, so homework and school projects do not qualify as an excused absence.
  • Being prepared for rehearsal is critical. Our rehearsal time is very limited, so it is critical that your daily practice includes your Milestones music and assignments.