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Program and Audition Requirements


  1. At least one full year of experience on your instrument
  2. Be a member of your school music program OR be studying privately.

Introduction to Jazz
Students interested only in our “Introduction to Jazz” group are NOT required to audition. Instead, we ask that your private teacher or school band director complete a form that helps us ensure you are a good candidate for the program.

Performance Ensemble Audition Requirements
All students interested in a Milestones performance ensemble (Jazz Foundations, Jazz Discovery, Jazz Ambassadors) are required to take part in an audition. There will be various times offered.

Instrumentalists will be asked to play major scales (at least two for the Jazz Foundations group; the Jazz Ambassadors group should know all 12), improvise on a blues chorus and sight read a melody (difficulty based on the group for which you are auditioning). We also ask that you prepare a piece to play – whatever you feel shows off your abilities. It does not have to be a jazz tune.

Drummers at all levels should be able to demonstrate swing and rock grooves. Drummers for the top two groups should be comfortable playing funk and Latin (bossa, samba) grooves, demonstrate the ability to trade fours, and play with brushes. Drummers auditioning for the top group should be comfortable soloing over a blues chorus.

In addition to the requirements for all instrumentalists, bass players will be asked to play a walking bass line.

In addition to the requirements for all instrumentalists, pianists/guitarists auditioning for the top two groups should be comfortable comping behind a soloist as well as exhibiting the ability to read a chord progression.