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Introduction to Jazz: Attend First Session for Free!

Interested in learning more about jazz but just not sure if you are ready to commit to attending a regular class? The first meeting of our Introduction to Jazz group on September 11 is free of charge!

The Intro to Jazz group is for those who want to learn about jazz improvisation while playing different types of jazz in a group setting. It is for students of all ages, from sixth grade through high school.

The group will meet on Tuesdays from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at the Milestones Facility at 90 E. Escalon Ave, Ste 115 in Fresno.

There is no obligation to attend the first session, so there is really no reason not to come and check it out! We do ask you to register, through, so we can plan for the right number of students.


It’s the perfect group if you can check at least one of the following boxes:

 I have at least one year of experience on my instrument and I am ready to learn about jazz improvisation.

 I would like to get some jazz experience before joining my middle or high school jazz band.

 I’m already in my middle or high school jazz band, but I’m not that confident when it’s my turn to play a solo.

 I’m just wondering what this jazz thing is all about, and I would like to find out in a more low-key setting without all the pressures of a formal performance.

“Introduction to Jazz” is a great way to build confidence, learn more about jazz in general, and get jazz improvisation experience.

All instruments are welcome.