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Former Students Weigh in on the Milestones Program

The Milestones program teaches musicianship, teamwork, humility, work ethic, and so much more. In this series, former students share what the program meant to them.

More from Andrew: The Milestones program also taught me an important lesson in giving back. The teachers in the program pass down their years of experience and education, and this is a great gift to the Central Valley. They have truly inspired me to give back to the community in any way I can.

More from Evan: I have been part of Milestones Youth Jazz Workshop since its inception. My instructors not only made sure we understood pieces we were playing from a musical aspect, but also a historical aspect. I was inspired to listen more and think harder about music.

More from McKenna: Being a part of Milestones gave me the opportunity to play with amazing musicians who were much better than me, which is one of the best experiences a young musician can have. It put me on the path to be able to attend a strong undergraduate jazz program and feel prepared for the workload expected. I cannot recommend Milestones enough to anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the music–there’s no way you won’t get better.

More from Jacob: Milestones helped me learn what it was like to make music with people I had never met before. Talented instructors showed me how music was a way to communicate, and that listening to and considering others is of critical importance.

More from Logan: I had an incredible time with the Milestones jazz program when I was in high school. I was able to study and work with the best players and educators in Fresno and beyond thanks to this wonderful program.

If you are interested in learning what Milestones might be able to do for you, learn more about the program!