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“I don’t play jazz. What could I possibly get out of this camp?” That is a great question, and one we received recently. If you are a good musician and you want to get better, you want to make sure you surround yourself with things that will do just that – provide you with the [...]

Interested in learning more about jazz but just not sure if you are ready to commit to attending a regular class? The first meeting of our Introduction to Jazz group on September 11 is free of charge! The Intro to Jazz group is for those who want to learn about jazz improvisation while playing different [...]

The Milestones program teaches musicianship, teamwork, humility, work ethic, and so much more. In this series, former students share what the program meant to them. More from Andrew: The Milestones program also taught me an important lesson in giving back. The teachers in the program pass down their years of experience and education, and this [...]

We have had quite a time since school let out. First, we had an amazing summer jazz camp at Glacier Point Middle School. By all reports, it was our most successful ever. And then in July… We moved to our new home! We are very appreciative to the folks at Free Grace Church for sharing [...]