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What to Prepare

On the first day of camp, you will take part in a quick placement audition. This is nothing to stress out about! The purpose of this is just to make sure you are placed in an ensemble with others who are playing at your level.

Instrumentalists will be asked to play a few scales, improvise on a blues chorus and perhaps sight read a simple melody. If you have never improvised before or don’t know a particular scale you are asked to play, that is O.K. Just say so! You will not be the only one.

Drummers, you will be asked to exhibit different styles: swing, rock, bossa nova, mambo, samba. If you don’t know how to play in a particular style, it is not a big deal. But since you have the list, why not practice any style you don’t know before camp!

Bass players, you will likely be asked to play a walking bass line. Don’t know what that is? That’s O.K. You will know by the end of the week!

Pianists and guitarists, your instructor will get a good idea on the ensemble you should be placed in by having you read a chord progression. If you see things you haven’t seen before, don’t worry about it. Just give it your best shot.

Remember, these are quick auditions, probably no more than five minutes. Just relax and have fun with it!