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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the ensembles cost?
Full tuition for the program is $60 per month. But, we don’t want anyone who can’t afford the program to be left out. We have scholarships based on need that can reduce the tuition. Visit our tuition and scholarships page to learn more.

What kind of programs do you have?
For students, we offer jazz ensembles that are focused on learning how to play and perform in both the large ensemble and small ensemble setting. Our focus is on teaching students how to improvise.

Do I need jazz experience?
No. Our groups are tailored for different experience levels. Our Jazz Foundations Ensemble does not require jazz experience. We have students with no experience and students who have been playing jazz for several years!

Do you have a program for singers?
Singers are more than welcome in our program. While we do not have a program for vocalists only, we will integrate singers into our ensembles.

When can I register?
Registration for our school-year programs is available here!

Are there auditions?
Yes. The audition process allow our directors to place students in groups where they will really have a chance to thrive. Jazz experience is not necessary but you should have one to two years of experience on your instrument. Learn more in the auditions section.

Where do the rehearsals take place?
Our jazz ensembles meet on Wednesday evenings. Rehearsals for all groups take place at the Milestones facility at 3385 E. Shields in Fresno. The facility features great freeway access to both Freeway 41 and 168.

When does the program start?
The Fall semester program is approximately 10 weeks and begins in September. Our Spring Semester program begins in mid-January and runs through the latter part of May.

Who directs the ensembles?
We are fortunate to be working with several of the Valley’s great jazz musicians. You can learn more about them on our director’s page.

I’m a musician, but I don’t participate in my school’s music program. Can I participate in Milestones?
Milestones is designed to complement a school’s music and creative arts program rather than replace it. As such, we strongly encourage you to participate in the program at your school (if one is available). If you don’t participate in your school program, we require that you be taking lessons from a private instructor. If there is an issue with this, please contact us and we can discuss it.

I already play in my school’s jazz band. Can I still participate?
Yes! I’m sure your band director would agree that the more opportunities you have to play, the better off you will be! Our primary focus is on teaching students how to improvise. This builds creativity, confidence, and musicianship in general. It will also make you a stronger player in your school program.

I don’t know much about jazz. Does that matter?
We have many kids come into the program who don’t know much (or anything) about jazz. That’s why we are here. Learning to play jazz will make you a stronger, more creative musician and challenge you in ways that you probably haven’t been challenged before. It will be a great complement to your school program, and it is why so many band directors support having their students play in Milestones.

How can I learn more?
To learn more about the Milestones Youth Jazz Workshop contact us here.